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That footage, which now appears to depict the second of two visits to the Ferguson Market and Liquor store by Brown within a span of a few hours, showed Brown pushing a worker before walking out with cigarillos in an apparent robbery. Brown's family and protesters had criticized the release of the video as an effort to demonize the teenager. Witnesses have given conflicting accounts of Brown's encounter a short time later with police officer Darren Wilson. Local and federal investigations cleared Wilson of criminal wrongdoing. The new video, which appears in the documentary "Stranger Fruit," shows Brown สโบเบท pantip in an earlier, seemingly more amicable exchange. It shows him giving store employees what appears to be a small bag, the contents of which the staff pass around and sniff. One employee gives Brown two boxes of cigarillos in a carrier bag. Brown takes a few steps away before turning back and handing the bag back to an employee who appears to stash it behind the counter. Jason Pollock, the documentary filmmaker, said the video showed Brown exchanging marijuana for cigarillos and undermined the police account that Brown may have robbed the store. "He left his items at the store and he went back the next day to pick them up," Pollock says in the documentary.

Oops. Get in the fast lane, Grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll! The newest game at Slotland combines the thrills of slots and blackjack. Slot 21 is retro, arcade-style slot machine with two bonus card games built into it. This weekend, Slotland is offering a $17 freebie and generous deposit bonuses for players wanting to try the new game. Slot 21 is a 21 payline slot with playing card numbers and symbols spinning on its five reels. The bonus round is inspired by blackjack. By collecting jacks, queens, kings and aces on the slot machine reels, players earn "21 Cash" that can be used to play a hand of blackjack. When they draw cards that come closer to 21 than the bank's hand without going over, their wager is doubled. Red and black scatter symbols landing on Slot 21's rightmost reel will trigger the optional Red & Black Bonus Game, where players can double the winnings of their last spin.

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