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Put your blackjack skill to the test in Four Winds tournament

Put your blackjack skill to the test in Four Winds tournament Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan Poker players seem to have a lock on tournament action in the Region, which is why the monthly $7,500 blackjack tournaments scheduled the first Tuesday of every month at Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan, are so popular with fans of the game. Serious blackjack players know that learning and memorizing basic strategy is the first step toward becoming proficient at the game. If you master basic strategy you will automatically have an edge over a majority of players. But it doesn’t stop there. If you want to continue your blackjack education and truly take advantage of the game, you must ascend to the next level by keeping some form of mental track of the cards. The odds http://casinozhg.basinperlite.com are continually fluctuating during a game of http://viproulettequ9w6.webteksites.com blackjack. Basic strategy does not take this into account. There can be times during the course of a “shoe” when the house enjoys a fatter edge than the norm. On the other hand, there are also occasions when the players as a collective group are in a superior position. Knowing when to capitalize on favorable situations by increasing your wager when it’s a “player’s game” or decreasing your wager when it’s a “house” game can elevate you to a higher plateau of blackjack play and make you a more successful player over the long run.

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